Every life consists of one cloth continually woven from birth to death.  Some threads are fragile, others unbroken; colors and hues undulate through various spectrums or seasons of life.  The structure of the weave can go from plain to complicated, weft and warp going in opposite directions but ultimately creating a life fabric with many interesting patterns.

Shuttle, threads, cloth

And so it goes with my life.  As a lover and student of fibers I see how my spinning and weaving reflects life around me.  The threads of my life are my family and friends; people provide the structure.  But “between the threads” are all the things that make life so amazing, all the discoveries that fascinate me.

I tend to think that this interest in everything is what led to a career in journalism.  Isn’t journalism all about being curious?  Curious about people and their stories, curious about the created, natural world; books; history; cooking; artisan craftsman.

I always tell my children to ask questions–about everything.  Don’t be afraid to be interested in what other people do and ask about the threads of their lives.

This blog is about where my curiosity takes me and some of the interesting people and stories I discover along the way.  I hope you’ll join me in this journey.