I belong to two spinning and weaving guilds in my community and I’ve had the good fortune to meet many interesting and talented people.  One of them is Mary Louise Van Dyke, a weaver for over 60 years who has done amazing ecclesiastical pieces for her Episcopal church in Oberlin, Ohio.

Advent altar frontal

Her work is so special that I interviewed her for an episode of WeaveCast.   We met in her church with Allison, the sacristan, who cares for the woven pieces.  For two years, Mary Louise labored at the four harness loom located in her retirement community, painstakingly placing each design thread in it’s place using the Theo Moorman technique.

In addition to the Advent frontal based on “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel,” she also wove another large green frontal for “ordinary time” based on the Tree of David.  To see many of her other pieces, view them at my Flickr site.

Ordinary time green altar frontal

The worship experience is greatly enhanced when the altar is adorned with the beautiful  work of an artist who understand Biblical symbolism.  Mary Louise’s work is a gift to everyone who visits and worships in her church sanctuary.