I am new enough at weaving that  I am still trying different weave structures for the first time.  One of my guilds decided to spend the year exploring the Summer and Winter weave.  This is a structure that weaves one pattern on one side and the complete opposite on the other side.

Since I have an 8-shaft Louet David loom, I can work with four pattern blocks using all 10 of my treadles. The threading was straight forward, however I’m still not sure I understand  the tie-up.  But I don’t think you have to completely understand something before you dive in.  It all seems to be working out nicely.

Summer and Winter towels

On the underside, the pattern is inverted.  This project will net me two lovely towels with enough left over (I hope) to provide samples to my guild.

One of the frustrations of this project that actually led to an interesting learning process was that I couldn’t seem to find 10/2 unmercerized cotton in anything other than a natural or cream color.  So I purchased blue Procion dye, wound off enough for the weft and dyed the yarn in my basement.  One of the guild members generously donated soda ash as the fixative.  I was so happy with the results.

10/2 cotton-warp natural, weft blue

I take particular pleasure in learning new things.  Summer and Winter has been so much fun, I think I’ll explore it again.