My husband is the oldest of six children, so lucky for me, he grew up with many skills–cleaning the house, fixing numerous household gadgets, diapering his little sister all those years ago, AND some pretty decent talent in the kitchen.  While I do most of the day to day cooking for our family, he has moments of great kitchen inspiration.  Lately it’s been bread.

By happy chance, I was reading Gourmet magazine (the last to go to print) when I saw a review of My Bread, by Jim Lahey.  His “no-knead” bread technique became famous when Mark Bittman of the New York Times featured his methods in a column a few years ago.  It took Lahey a while to write a book on the subject but it was worth the wait.  I ordered it from the library and my husband has been making bread for weeks.

No Knead Bread

Pan co' Santi- Raisin Walnut Bread

The kids and I are getting spoiled.  Every few days when I arrive home from work, another magical loaf awaits.

Stout Brown Bread

Guinness Extra Stout is one of the ingredients in the bread, but why not drink it as part of the meal too.
And now for dessert…..

Chocolate Coconut Bread

I can’t wait to cut into that Rye Bread he made yesterday!

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