Double Weave Pick-Up Mug Rugs

Last Fall I purchased an 8-shaft table loom so I could weave small projects and have a portable loom to transport to workshops.  Fortunately I discovered a used Mountain Loom on eBay and won the auction.  In preparation for an upcoming workshop on painted warps this Spring, I thought it would be wise to understand the loom by trying a small project from a Weaver’s Craft magazine I purchased a few years ago.

These double-weave pick-up mug rugs ended up being fairly challenging.  First of all I had never tried double weave and the pick-up part of it was pretty confusing.  After reading and re-reading the article numerous times, I dove in and promptly screwed up the first two mug rugs.  But eventually, the logic sunk in and I prevailed.  The results are three sufficiently lovely mug rugs which have an inverted pattern on each side.

These designs were included in the magazine.  Now I think I’ll trying graphing out my own designs with different colors and themes.