It’s been extremely cold here in Northeast Ohio for the past week or so.  But the sun was out on Saturday and my family and I decided to spend the day in Coventry, a funky neighborhood in Cleveland Hts.  Coventry has a Bohemian flair that was home to a hippie culture in the 1960s.  Today it mixes ethnic eateries with unique shops.

My main destination was Mac’s Back’s, an independent bookstore with an amazing owner and a wide array of book titles. 


I immediately asked if she had any weaving titles.  Most stores have plenty of knitting and quilting books, handweaving….not so much.  But she disappeared down the basement and recovered a 1956 book called a “Manual of Swedish Handweaving.”  I was properly impressed and purchased it.  We spent an hour going through the titles.  My boys ended up with some great reading.  We bagged our treasures and moved onto a fabulous retro toy store that sent my husband and I down memory lane. 

Big Fun is a unique toy store.

John Lennon glasses

 Silly Putty, gyroscopes, Mallo Bars, wooden snakes, Curious George, slinkys, you name it.  Big Fun is just what it says.  We laughed a lot.

Passport to Peru was one of the last stores we visited.  It was particularly interesting for me as a weaver and knitter.  Many handmade items from South America including a fleece lined, hand knitted jacket/sweater for my one son for $45.  Honestly, you couldn’t make it for that price.  We purchased a hat for my other son.  Wonderful craftsmanship.


A good lunch was had by all at the Mongolian Grill. A very satisfying day!