The Olympics are in full swing and so is my fiber spinning project.  After much thought, I decided to spin a mildly bulky singles yarn to use in a knitting to felting  project.  Slippers come to mind.

In an earlier post, I showed the fiber off the drumcarder.  That fiber is coming together as a nicely colored yarn and looks particularly nice in motion on my Louet S-10 DT.

One of the features I like most about my Louet spinning wheel is the large bobbin capacity.  These bobbins hold so much yarn that you rarely have to change them out. 

Before I drumcarded the fiber, I tried spinning the roving straight after dyeing it.  The bobbin on the left shows how defined the colors are, however, the roving was so matted from the dye, it was difficult to draft and strained my wrists.  Drumcarding opened up the fibers for easier drafting, while blending the colors into an attractive mix.  I have much more fiber to spin, but a nightly turn at the wheel should complete the project by the time of the Olympics closing ceremony.