For Christmas, I received a subscription to the Swedish Magazine, Vav Magasinet.  I had heard so many wonderful things about this beautiful publication.  Yesterday the second issue came in the mail.

Of course I get the English language edition which they started publishing about four years ago. Because Vav is European, it has a very different feel to it from an editorial standpoint.  It’s friendly and informative with a slightly formal but respectful approach.  They truly honor their national artists and there is great attention to detail.  One of the articles from this issue caught my eye.

It features information and drafts on some beautiful overshot as well as doublecloth pieces with hand embroidery added.  Vav features up to 13 different weaving projects.  This year will explore the theme of textiles and ecology, a surprisingly diverse study of fibers, chemicals, agriculture, and eco-practices such as making quality clothing that wears longer reducing the need to buy more.

It’s always a special day when Vav arrives.  I spend many happy hours pouring through this extraordinary quarterly.