Every Tuesday since the beginning of January, my youngest son participates in a ski club for homeschoolers. Boston Mills, a local ski resort, is located in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a gem of beauty in Northeast Ohio.  While he tears up the ski hills, I am left to bide my time in some meaningful way for several hours. Fortunately, I found the Peninsula library, a quiet little facility with friendly librarians and a stunning view of the woods and river out the back of a comfortable reading room.

In this meeting room, I am surrounded by books which chronicle the village’s history and a display of how an outstanding exterior mural was designed and built in the 1960s.  Artist Honore Guilbeau Cooke designed a slightly abstract mural about transportation into the Cuyahoga Valley wrapped around the Ohio and Erie Canal, Cuyahoga River, B&O Railroad, and major roads in and out of the national park.

Peninsula was a center for boat building and stone quarries back in the day.  Today it has retained its historic integrity with many original buildings from the 1800s. I enjoy browsing in the new bookstore, art galleries and shops on Tuesdays but I look forward to warmer days when my family and I will pass through Peninsula riding our bikes on the Towpath bike trail.