I spent a wonderful 40 minutes on SKYPE last night talking to Kathie Roig, a talented fiber and weaving artist who will be conducting a workshop for my guild on Painted Warps.  I can’t wait to meet her in person because she sounds like a truly lovely person.  We discussed the 2 1/2 day workshop and the materials needed for designing and painting warps both on the loom and off the loom.  Kathie is asking all participants to bring a photo or postcard of something that will inspire them regarding color and pattern.  She believes this will initiate creative thinking when paint meets fiber.

Yesterday, my husband took a photograph of something in our yard and the color and shape spoke to me.

Being a little color-challenged, I never would have considered combining orange and turquoise with hints of violet and cream.  But nature has a way of putting perfect, but unpredictable, colors and shapes in the landscape.

I don’t know if this will be the final inspiration I bring to the workshop.  We don’t gather as a group until April and I’m sure more eye candy awaits as Spring approaches. But I’m very confident I will come with many potential ideas.