Most of my neighbors spent the weekend trying to dig out from the foot of snow that accumulated over Friday and Saturday.  Happily, I spent some of that time at the loom finishing my summer and winter towels.

Someone in my guild once told me that when you go to the trouble of handweaving an item, you should hand finish it too.  Now I love my sewing machine and when the weaving project is yardage for a garment, I obviously turn to my valued mechanical friend.  But this project was a set of towels and a machine sewn hem just didn’t appeal.  I grabbed the cone of 10/2 cotton warp and threaded a needle to handsew the hems.  The thread disappeared and made for a fine finish.

As I held up the towels proudly to show my family, I was shocked to discover two small treadling mistakes I made.  Sigh.  Some of my other guild friends advise that most people won’t notice unless you point it out.  Oh well, weaving always leaves room for improvement.