I recently posted some pictures of a doubleweave pick up project I completed on some mug rugs.  That was the first time I tried the technique and I really enjoyed doing it on my table loom because of its compact size.  Doubleweave pick up involves threading the loom for two layers of fabric, then following a chart and picking up the threads you want in the pattern.  I use a large old knitting needle that belonged to my husband’s Irish grandmother.  It holds the threads at the surface of the top layer while the shuttle is thrown.  Treadling has to make it all work too.

The first time I tried pick up, I used the patterns in Weaver’s Craft magazine, but the author encouraged readers to try their own designs.  I am now working on graphing some Celtic designs I got out of a cross stitch pattern book.

On the right is a Celtic knot I took from the book.  I’ll have to adjust the margins to make sure the pattern weaves in the center of the mug rug.  My thoughts at this point are to use green and gold 5/2 cotton. 

My husband’s family is Irish to the core; mine skews to the Scottish/English side of the pond.  But I love Celtic designs, particularly the geometric symmetry of it all.  Hopefully I’ll get the time before St. Patrick’s Day to get this Irish inspired warp on my loom.