I finished graphing out my Celtic designs on graph paper last week, so I thought I’d get the project on the warping board Saturday.  But a red flag went up immediately when I looked at my cone of gold 5/2 cotton.  Uh-oh….looks a little thin.  Being an optimist, I forged ahead, hoping it might be at least close to enough.  NOT.  Halfway through, the cone came up empty.

Gold meets the end of the line

The gold looks forlorn against that ample green cone. 

I immediately got on-line and ordered a one pound cone from Halcyon Yarn.  I only hope it arrives this week to keep the project going.  This “quick” little project must be off the loom by the end of the month so I can warp it up again for the Painted Warps workshop in April.  But so far, I’m pleased with the colors.  You can’t go wrong with traditional Irish green and gold.