This was a week the sun came out in Cleveland…..for longer than a few minutes.  Actually for a few days.  And it felt grand!  But by the time my husband and I took our two boys to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History on Wednesday, the clouds had rolled in.  Damn.  We were really looking forward to going to the observatory.

But we traveled to University Circle anyway.  After all they have a great planetarium which shows the virtual night sky in any weather.

Jason, our guide, was informative and funny, in a brilliant sort of way.  After the program, he guided us to the rooftop for the observatory program and lo and behold, the March skies had cleared for the evening.

Clyde, another brilliant astronomer type, talked about what was visible that night.  The observatory houses a 10 1/2-inch refracting telescope built by the Warner & Swasey Co. of Cleveland in 1899.  That old telescope revealed the wonders of Saturn and its rings, Mars with a shadow of a polar ice cap, a binary star cluster (two stars that revolve around one another) and an interstellar nebulae.

We spend far too much time looking down, doing our daily tasks.  But it’s nice to get away from the computer, our desks, and our small interior world  and look up at the great expanse of sky. It makes me appreciate the enormity of the heavenly design.