It’s the day after St. Patricks Day, which will go on record as one of the nicest here in terms of weather.  The temperature climbed into the 60s and the day was sunny and beautiful.  My family went to the parade and when I got home from work, they picked me up and we made a beeline for my father-in-law’s corned beef and cabbage dinner.  My husband’s family is 100 percent Irish.  How an Scottish Protestant like me got into the the hallowed circle is still a mystery. 

Now, I could have posted some pictures of drunken celebrants at the downtown parade to illustrate St. Patrick’s Day but I thought this picture from NASA’s Goddard Space Center made a much more poignant statement about Ireland.  St. Patrick’s Day isn’t about green beer, loud mouth drunks, and cheesy leprechauns; it’s about a lovely land where the people are warm, kind and welcoming.  From out in space, the clouds parted and revealed the land of a thousand shades of green.

I’ve been to Ireland twice and loved it each and every time.  It’s a magical island full of beauty and quiet grace.