I had fully planned on addressing other subjects today, but my eye caught this picture on my desktop and it just carried me away.  Last fall, my husband and I traveled to Italy.  After we settled in a wonderful little European hotel in Rome, we started to explore the city for our first dinner.  Walking down a narrow, little street dodging speeding motorcycles, we discovered Mario’s.

It was as enchanting as it looks in the picture.  That October night we sat outside, dining on Italian pasta and drinking wonderful local wine.  Across the street, just a few feet away appeared the ruins of Trajan’s market.  The magic of Rome is that in the midst of this very modern city, you can dine among the ruins of a culture thousands of years old. 

We saw some unimaginable sites during our trip to Rome, Florence, and Tuscany, but I will never forget Mario’s and the warm way we were treated that first night in Italy.