Tatting is one of those lovely lacemaking skills that takes an enormous amount of patience.  Using a tatting shuttle and ball of thread requires finely tuned hand skills that sometimes get the best of me.  Maybe that’s why I only tackle a tatting project when one of my sister’s seven kids goes through their first communion.  So every other year I produce a tatted cross bookmark to mark the occasion.  Here is the cross I just finished for my niece who is child number five.

I started this on the plane to Italy last fall but stowed it away for a while.  May is the month of first communions, so I had to get cracking to finish it in time to ship it to her in Georgia.

A couple of years ago, I wanted to try a tatted cross pattern with beads as an accent.  I was pleased with this effort which has a prominent place on a display shelf  in my living room.

The beads are hard to see in the photo because they are very small and the color is very close to the color of the thread.  I just wanted them to catch the light, not be the focus.

I have two nephews left in the queue for tatted crosses, but I’m on hiatus until 2012.  That should be enough time to get my fingers in shape again.