A couple of years ago I took a workshop with Liz Spear from the Asheville area on sewing with handwoven fabric.  (There are so many good workshop leaders from Asheville). We picked out a pattern, made a practice muslin, wove several yards of cloth and came prepared to cut our beloved yardage and make a garment.  Liz removed the fear, taught us some outstanding sewing techniques and we all finished wonderful pieces.

Late last year, I finished another jacket.  This time I wove yardage with a mix of colors and sizes of cotton threads.  When I wore the jacket for Easter, I realized I had never posted pictures of it.  Here I am modeling it in my garden on Easter Sunday.

The contrasting collar is the result of weaving some of my tencel/silk/cotton handspun yarn into the yardage.

The previous jacket I made was constructed of a wool/silk blend.  With this cotton fabric, I learned that I had to be careful because the pieces can grow over time. So stabilizing the shape is critical.

I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager, but I enjoy it more today because I can design the cloth on my loom.