Sometimes, I’m just slow.  I wind warp slowly, carefully and I weave the same way.  While others at the painted warps workshop got both of their warps on the loom and woven before they left; I had to bring mine home undone.

But that’s okay.  Life moves along at a such a frantic speed that I consciously choose to pursue my fiber arts at a slower pace.  Kind of like slow food or slow travel.  Some things just need to be enjoyed and savored.

So, I recently spent a Saturday warping my loom with my off-the-loom painted warp from the workshop and the following Saturday I wove it.  And I’m pretty happy with the the results.

I needed an appropriate color for the weft and found a nice flake cotton in my stash.  The thick and thin of flake cotton gave the fabric some texture and dimension.  And as luck would have it, there was just enough warp for the piece to fit on my kitchen table.

Since I wove the runner in a 3/1 twill, the backside looks like it’s lined.  But it also has enough interest to be reversible.


Not a bad result for something that was just supposed to be a sample.

As summer approaches, I think I’ll plan a lazy day to set up a table outside and plan another painted warp for another project.  Not sure what I’ll do.  I need time to think about it.