Each issue of Vav Maganiset has some kind of inspiration for me.  There is always something interesting to discover but it’s best read during a quiet period in the house with no interruptions.

The recent issue had an article called Dyes from the Natural World featuring Jeanette Scharing, an artist and teacher of natural dyeing techniques.  She is dedicated to extracting dyes slowly from all kinds of natural sources.  One of the pictures referenced dyes being extracted from avocado pits.  It was then that I remembered cutting up numerous avocado pits for a dye day event last summer that I never attended.  I dried the pits and the skins and stored them away.

I got them out last night and took an inventory.

From left to right are the dried skins, old dried chopped pits in the back, and the chopped pit of an avocado I used this week in a recipe.  When you first chop the pits they are a cream color, but a short time after they are exposed to the air, they turn a lovely orange.

After I weighed each of the dyestuff, I placed them in separate jars and poured hot water over them.

I’ll probably leave them like this for a week, simmering them on the stove from time to time.  The pits get very hard and need a long time to release color.  The skins on the other hand might be ready quite soon.

Then, I’ll take out my book “Wild Color” by Jenny Dean (a new edition will be released in November) and try a few different fibers to round out the experiment.  In the meantime, I think this looks lovely on my windowsill.