Every year during Memorial Day weekend, Wooster, Ohio hosts the Great Lakes Fiber Show.  When I first started attending there were enough vendors to fill one building at the Wayne County Fairgrounds.  This year, they filled four buildings with vendors and open field with alpaca farmers and another building with workshops.  It’s grown into quite a show with something for every knitter, spinner and weaver.  There is equipment everywhere including carders, combs, spinning wheels and this year I saw many, many rigid heddle looms for sale.  Rigid heddle is a great entry way into weaving, but seems to be gaining popularity with even experienced weavers.

The vendor below sells buffalo fiber and it’s incredibly soft and warm.  Here she demonstrates to a patron how to drum card the fiber.

A big favorite at the festival is the appearance of all those adorable animals.

I managed to get through the festival with just one hank of fiber from Creatively Dyed Yarns and a circular knitting needle.  I was lucky I had an unusual amount of discipline.