Every year, both of the guilds I belong to host summer dye days.  The Medina Guild features natural dyes and protein fibers and the Cleveland West Weavers focuses on cellulose fibers and fiber reactive dyes.

Last weekend, I went to the Cleveland event at the home of one of the members in Oberlin.  The day was quite hot and humid with a little rain sprinkled in, but otherwise was a wonderful day.  This is the closing meeting of the year so we always discuss next year’s study/challenge and we bring in finished projects.

Here are just a few of the lovely projects our members brought in the meeting.

One of our members, Mary Louise, likes to weave pipe cleaners into her cloth so she can turn it into a vase with wire structure.  Ruth made the tea towels on the right and Sara experimented with our study subject Summer and Winter on the left. 

After the meeting and a potluck lunch, we moved outside to dye our fiber or fabric. Betsy, our hostess, worked with Elizabeth to mix all the dyes.

The table was full of many colors suitable to an array of design possibilities.   Annie chose some great colors which were admired by Betsy.

The day was quite a success.  I brought a length of fabric woven with 5 different shibori patterns.  I dyed the fabric flat and then brought home some other dye to use after the threads are pulled.  I’ll explain it all with pictures in another post. 

Let’s just say I’ve found another exciting new way to approach my fiber passion.  Dyeing is a fun way to design projects.