I don’t know about you, but sleying a reed while it’s on my loom is rough on my arms and back.  Believe me, as a short person I’m used to adapting to my height challenges.  But I was never really able to get comfortable with it, until I took a workshop (Kathie’s…again) in which I was introduced to reed holders.

It’s changed my life, I kid you not.  Apparently it’s a Swedish warping method that’s been used for decades; maybe longer. You set your reed in the holders at a table of your choice and sit in a comfortable position.  Your warp lays on the table with lease sticks in the cross and you can sley the reed at your leisure.

After I finished using it at the workshop, I quickly ordered a set made by Glimakra and sold by Vavstuga Weaving School.

The string in the middle was another way to keep the threads in order.  With two threads per dent, I just put the first thread under the string and the second on top.  When I brought the reed back to the loom to thread the heddles, it helped prevent the threads from twisting in the warp.

One of things I love about weaving is the discovery of so many techniques to make your life easier and your weaving more efficient.  I’m hooked on using reed holders to make my loom dressing a much more pleasant experience.