I spend a lot of time thinking about and figuring out new weaving projects.  I never just throw something on the loom, although I wish I had that skill.  No, I need to figure it out very carefully, so consequently I spend days and days with my thoughts and pencil and paper.  Lately, I’ve been busy spinning up some yarn to use as weft in a project which I will post about later.

But thinking does burn calories no matter what anyone tells you.  And it makes me hungry.  This week, my husband decided we should put some pizza on the grill.  He made his dough and I took care of the toppings.  The result was a little rough around the edges visually, but taste is what matters, right?  It was great.

We still have to perfect the action of placing the dough on the grill and stretching it out without getting third degree burns.  One solution would be to make smaller pizzas; the other making the fire a little lower. I’ll keep you posted on further efforts.


Our weather at the turn of the seasons tends to go from fairly cold to steaming hot. So when the weekend turned into the 80s, I had to scramble to put together a grilled meal.  A whole chicken did the trick as I grilled my inaugural beer can chicken.

I’ve got a handy little chicken holder I got from Weber just for this purpose. 

Then I saw a posting on New York Times food writer Mark Bittman’s site about grilled vegetables and I cut them up, tossed them with oil, put them on the heat and voila; dinner was served.  That’s baby bok choy on the plate; I had never tried grilling that before.

This is a great season for cooking.  Grilling keeps the heat out of the house on those warm summer-like nights.  I look forward to more as we head into June.