I lost my job a couple of weeks ago thanks to some highly paid consultants who decided to “re-org” the marketing department, get rid of a bunch of us and bring in their own cronies. It goes with the territory in higher education.

I’m trying to put my time to good use.  So between job hunting and cleaning up my weaving studio, I’ve put together some nice meals for my family.  One afternoon, my husband and I were on our own. One of the dishes I thought about for dinner suddenly became a perfect summer lunch.

Mozzarella, Strawberry and Tomato salad is one of the recipes from the French Fridays with Dorie website I’ve been following as I cook out of Dorie Greenspan’s “Around My French Table” cookbook. I threw caution to the wind and even included wine. It transported me away from my unemployment blues and off to dreams of France.  C’est bon!



There’s no better place to get your Italian food fix in Northeast Ohio than Gallucci’s.  A Cleveland institution, Gallucci’s Italian Foods has a gruff but lovable staff serving amazing food.  The olive bar is a visual treat.

I went downtown to the grocery/deli one weekend recently.  The guys were working hard cutting big wedges of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese under a ceiling full of handmade, aged mozzarella.

Once I got my cheese, antipasta, and olives, I moved over to their dessert area for treats to take home.

Everytime I get to Gallucci’s, I always discover something new.   Recently it’s been an array of great balsamic vinegars which they allow you to taste.  I always leave satisfied with a curious desire to listen to old Dean Martin or Al Martino “records.”