About two years ago, I got the urge to knit myself a sweater.  Winters in Northeast Ohio can be pretty cold and I needed something other than the Aran sweater I purchased in Ireland 20 years ago.  Despite my limited knitting skills I had some grandiose ideas about a complicated pattern.  Let’s just say those quickly got tossed as I struggled to make progress.

When a year went by with little to no advancement on the project, I finally got going and made it a goal to get it finished.  Problem is, I finished it last week…just as the hot, muggy weather hit. 

The pattern is very basic; the yarn is Jo Sharp Silk Aran Tweed and at least it fits.  So here I am, modeling the sweater with shorts on.

Now that it’s finished, I’ve put it away in my winter clothes drawer.  I’ll probably forget about it until the weather turns cold again.  Then it will be a welcome surprise when I’m looking for something to keep me warm.


There’s no better place to get your Italian food fix in Northeast Ohio than Gallucci’s.  A Cleveland institution, Gallucci’s Italian Foods has a gruff but lovable staff serving amazing food.  The olive bar is a visual treat.

I went downtown to the grocery/deli one weekend recently.  The guys were working hard cutting big wedges of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese under a ceiling full of handmade, aged mozzarella.

Once I got my cheese, antipasta, and olives, I moved over to their dessert area for treats to take home.

Everytime I get to Gallucci’s, I always discover something new.   Recently it’s been an array of great balsamic vinegars which they allow you to taste.  I always leave satisfied with a curious desire to listen to old Dean Martin or Al Martino “records.”