As summer comes to an end, I find that I am often pulled away from my spinning and weaving to tend to the ebb and flow of the garden.  After all, this is what we’ve been waiting for; the harvest after all this work is upon us. Tomatoes must get picked, eggplant cut from the vine. 

It’s been a very productive year for my tomatoes, eggplant and beans. 

When the harvest comes into full swing from the middle of August until halfway through September, I spend more time with my cookbooks to see all the ways I can use this wonderful bounty.

But all is not lost on the fiber front.  Many of these wonderful vegetables deserve a slow cook.  Once they are in the pot simmering away, I can usually grab a few minutes at the spinning wheel trying to make some headway on a pile of roving.

Life requires balance.  We need time for our food, rest and fiber…oh and work too:)

What is stecca you ask?  In this case it’s the Italian word for stick and Jim Lahey, author of “My Bread” is referring to  bread sticks or baguettes.  My husband has been on another one of his creative bread making adventures.  Look at the yummy results.

One recipe of dough made these four baguettes.  Two have large grape tomatoes cut in half and the other two have pitted kalamata olives; all pressed into the dough before baking.  The results were delicious.

Additionally, he’s been making our weekly pizza doughs which are a far cry from the store bought dough at my local grocery.

We tried a celeriac or celery root pizza coupled with onion and grated nutmeg. Crispy crust and a soft, creamy topping.  Very unusual and tasty.

Grating nutmeg over the pizza

Other pizzas include olive and red sauce.  You can see why I cherish Friday (pizza) nights!

Green Olive